Local Flayre is a curator of gifts and gift baskets featuring local artisans, crafters and creators.  We specialize in creating gift, gift favors and gift baskets for any occasion.  Search our shop for ready made gift baskets or contact us for custom or corporate gifts.


Gifts for Any Occasion

Say thank you, welcome to the neighborhood, wishing you well or just because your generous


At Home

Something for you or something to use these gifts deliver something special for health, beauty or home


Housewarming Gifts

A gift for Realtors or welcoming someone to the neighborhood these gift baskets feature items to eat, items to use and something  to remember


Gifts Under $30

Because giving something special doesn't have to break the bank


Mother's Day is May 8th

Father's Day is June 19th

Give a gift that is sure to surprise and something to remember 


Custom Gifts

These gifts are unique in nature and are designed with a one of a kind packaging.


Use the Contact Us for other custom design options 


For local service in central and northern Minnesota please contact laurie.via@localflayre.com 

For local service in Minneapolis / St. Paul and southern Minnesota please contact lisa.via@localflayre.com 

For general inquiries or other regions please use the contact us form or contact lisa.via@localflayre.com